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Calm in the face of coronavirus fear

Calm the coronavirus fear. Use EFT.

Fear is a totally natural response to the corona virus pandemic as it unfolds.  Without the fear, we wouldn’t even begin to address the situation and make the changes we need to keep ourselves and our loved ones … and everyone …. safe.

We are wired for fear.  The fight and flight response.

However, prolonged fear causes an endless stream of chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol to rush through our system, and these chemicals damage the immune system.

And when we are experiencing intense fear, we don’t think logically, or wisely.

So we need to strengthen our immune system, and clear our head, in order to keep ourselves safe.

Changing habits is so important…. washing hands ….sanitising items such as our phone.  Standing two metres away from other people, particularly in public places.  And sometimes changing our habits is hard to do.  We forget.  We do something that is accidentally threatening.

I want to make this short and to the point.

EFT can help to calm the fear, and improve clear-headedness.    Tapping down the fear will leave us clearer and more level-headed to make decisions that matter,  and to remain attentive and focused when we need to be.

In these uncharted times, such details may feel irrelevant.  However, it is proven that  fear and worry cause considerable damage to our body.

If you can strengthen your immune system and calm your mind, and learn to focus on maintaining new and often counter-intuitive habits, you may just help save lives.


The truth is, when we’re frightened, we can’t think straight.  All the blood rushes away from our head and into our limbs, so we can run fast. 

Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to run to this time.


Here’s a suggestion for a Tapping script to bring those cortisol and adrenaline levels down … down … down …….

(Wash your hands really well before Tapping on your face).

When you try this, be somewhere where you won’t get disturbed, and you won’t scare anyone else.  Particularly kids.  (Although if the kids are already scared … try Tapping with them. Kids understand Tapping.  They get it.). If Tapping with kids, use age appropriate language.  Use the words that they use. You can also use ‘Focus on The Feelings’ technique with children.  There’s a link at the bottom of the page.

Tapping the side of the hand and speaking out loud ~

Even though I’m scared …. and I’m angry …. and I’m frightened … and I don’t know what’s going to happen … to me …  my family … my friends … everyone … I choose to trust my body anyway.

Even though my health isn’t so good, I choose to trust myself and those around me.

Even though I’m scared.  This corona virus fear. And I don’t know why this virus is happening.  And I wish it would all stop.  (You can add your own words here – and don’t hold back … express your feelings as fully as you can ….. but keep Tapping) 

…. I choose to trust myself as best I can, and everyone else too.  I choose to find calm.  Clear-headedness.  Focus and stability.

Round 1

Eyebrow point: All this fear.  All this corona virus fear.

Side of the eye: All this fear. It’s overwhelming sometimes.

Under the eye: I can feel it in my body.

Under the nose: It’s all so scary.

Chin Point: What’s going to happen to me. I’m scared.

Collar Bone Point: What’s going to happen to everyone.

Under the Arm: Nobody knows. It’s all so scary.

Top of the Head: All this fear. All this panic.

Round 2

Eyebrow point:  All this fear and panic.

Side of the eye: It’s a very frightening situation.  This corona virus.

Under the eye: But is the fear really helping?

Under the nose: Is this fear keeping me safe?

Chin Point: I don’t think it’s helping. But how can I stop it?   It’s natural to feel this fear in this situation.  Who wouldn’t?  Everybody feels it.

Collar Bone: But is it helping?

Under the arm: All this fear.

Top of the head: It’s a terrible feeling. 

Round 3

Eyebrow point: This fear is overwhelming.  I can feel it coursing through my body sometimes.

Side of the eye: I am willing to release this fear.

Under the eye:  But I don’t think I can.

Under the nose:  I want to release this toxic fear. This corona virus fear.  Release it from my body and my mind.

Chin point:  All this fear. 

Collar Bone:  I release this fear from every cell of my body.  From every fibre of my being.

Under the arm:  I release ALL this fear.

Top of the head: All this panic and overwhelm.

Round 4

Eyebrow point: I am letting go of fear.

Side of eye: I am releasing fear from my body.  And from my mind.

Under eye:  All this fear.

Under nose:  I say goodbye fear.

Chin point:  I say hello calm.  I welcome calm and strength into my system.

Collar Bone:  Calm.   Strength.  Stability.  Trust.

Under the arm:  I choose to be focused.  Attentive.  Clear-headed.

Top of the head:  I choose to trust myself.  In body and mind.

Take a deep breath.   See how you feel.  Keep Tapping if you need to.  Just do another couple of rounds.

If certain words resonate more for you, use those words.

Notice how you feel….. maybe a little calmer?  Maybe a whole lot calmer?

Needless to say, your fear will be triggered again.  Maybe soon.

Keep Tapping on it.  You can Tap it down.  You can feel better.  Even in extreme situations.

And getting freer of the fear is a really good thing to do. 

It’s not selfish.  It’s certainly not a waste of time.  It benefits everyone.

In the mean time keep washing your hands, be attentive to yourself and others, keep eating good fresh food, enjoying company of your favourite people and laugh whenever you can.

Much love from me xoxo

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