EFT and Physical Pain. Body and Mind operate as one being. #eftworks

EFT and Physical Pain. The body and mind work as one.

EFT and Physical Pain.

Holistic Medicine assumes the premise that the body and mind work as one. And from this point of view, we are able to consider the possibility that physical pain often, maybe always,  has an underlying emotional cause, along with many and various emotional aspects surrounding the issue.

And inevitably, the pioneers and developers of EFT have been researching the potential benefits of EFT for physical pain.

For all of us, understanding how to view and look after our health holistically is completely and positively transformative.

As a Traditional Acupuncturist who has fallen in love with Emotional Freedom Techniques, my wish to share EFT is hopefully understandable. It’s too good not to share!

When EFT was first developed by Gary Craig, (Founder of Gold Standard EFT) no-one had any idea what it might be capable of.   At the time they were working with phobias such as Fear of Water and Fear of Heights.

Gary Craig eventually said : 'Try it on Everything.'

In the West we are so wedded to the idea that mental, emotional and physical issues are separate and have no link on any level whatsoever, it’s no wonder that we’re confused by the notions and values of Holistic Therapy.

We’re prepared to consider the possibility that we get stress-related headaches, or stomach-churning nerves, but we find it difficult to dig any deeper than that.

This is such a shame....

Because it means we miss healing possibilities. Physical pain is a signal to our conscious mind that something is wrong.  While pain relief can obviously be helpful, it’s unlikely to get to the root of the problem.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting here that anyone should refuse or ignore medical advice and intervention, or replace orthodox medical treatment with EFT.   EFT will work alongside medical treatments for just about any physical or mental health issue, and bring benefits.  Please speak to your doctor first, if you have any doubts about trying EFT when on medication.

All I want to say is that it’s worth a personal exploration into your personal physical issues to unearth the possibility of underlying emotional causes  ~  with the help of EFT.

You may just be surprised at what you discover.

A great deal of research has already been done into the effects of EFT on physical conditions and physical pain, (external links below).

In the ancient healing art of Acupuncture, functions of the body and mind are ‘housed’ in each of the Five Elements.  For example, Wood Energy houses Anger, Decision-Making Processes, and Vision (mental and physical).  It is also implicated in our sense of hope, and therefore of hopelessness.  The Wood Element governs the eyes, the Liver, and the Gall Bladder. 

This is not the complete list of the powers of The Wood Element, but I hope it gives just a very small glimpse of how very differently Holistic Therapies view the Body/Mind.

And when an Acupuncturist gives a treatment, they are working on all
the aspects and layers of imbalance within a given element.

EFT has simplified the whole approach in ways that remain quite mysterious.

When you Tap on key points on different pathways of Chi energy (the same points that an Acupuncturist might use) and focus on a negative emotional charge that surrounds a specific bad experience in your life, the negativity you’re focusing on vanishes.  It can sometimes seem miraculous.


A simple introduction into the mind-body connection is by by understanding what happens when hormones are released into our body. Cortisol and Adrenalin are released into our body when we feel under stress, or are experiencing fear, anger or grief.  These hormones serve us positively at critical and important moments in our existence, allowing us to behave and act clearly to aid our own survival. We need them.

However, if these hormones retain high levels in our body over extended periods, then physical damage and tissue breakdown will begin to occur.  Hormone release is an example of a direct link between the physical and the emotional that is going on inside of us.

Fortunately, for EFT to work, we don’t need either a working knowledge of Acupuncture, or of our own physiology.

All we need is curiosity, an open mind, and a spirit of exploration.  Along with a familiarity with the EFT Basic Recipe.

If you’ve never tried EFT before, there’s a link at the bottom of the page to EFT South UK Beginners’ Guide.

Otherwise, with a physical issue you can try Tapping directly on the issue:  Tap through the Round of Points as usual. Remember to give the intensity of the pain a number on SUDS.  Even if the pain only goes down 0.25 of a number, that is progress.


Even though I have this blinding headache I choose to accept myself.

Even though I have this horrible headache, I choose to find ways to be free of it.


This Headache.  This blinding headache.  It’s driving me mad.  I can’t think.  This headache.

Try 2 or 3 Rounds.  Vary the script as feelings and words come up for you.

If you don’t get much back in terms of positive results, don’t give up. EFT has many other other possible tools in the box.  Here’s just one of them.

Here's a very simple question to ask yourself which may help you to dig deeper:

If this physical pain was an emotion ... ......what would it be?

Don’t think too hard about the answer.  Just see what comes up. This line of inquiry might lead you directly to an episode in your life that doesn’t logically connect to the pain.  No matter!  Forget logic!  Follow your intuition. Tap on the emotion that your subconscious offers you as a suggestion.  Anger?  Resentment?  Anxiety?  Fear of failure?  There are many possibilities unique to you.

See where it leads ….  you may well be surprised.  And relieved.  Physically and Emotionally.

When we learn to think about ourselves holistically everything changes.  Particularly our health and well being … which is everything.

Thanks for doing that x

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