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Clarity ~ Body and Mind ~ Make EFT work for you ~ everyday!

Clarity ~ Mind and Body

EFT is a practice, and it’s best done everyday.  If you can find a few minutes each day to clear away the negative thoughts rolling around in your head, your life will be transformed for the better.  You will discover what it feels like ~ to have Clarity in Mind and Body.  Make EFT work for you!

EFT practice is like having a shower.  You don’t decide that because you had a shower three days ago you won’t need one again. Mostly, you take a daily shower and clean your body.

Same with your mind.  If you practice EFT everyday, you will clear your mind of all those negative thoughts that build up.

The ones that are all too often there to greet you first thing in the morning, the moment you wake up.

By finding five or ten minutes during your morning routine, to make EFT part of that routine, you’ll notice a significant difference for the better: in your stress levels, your creativity levels, your relationships and your general sense of well being.

You’ll have that ‘just showered’ feeling all day long … clean and fresh!

Clarity ~ Mind and Body!

Twice a day?

Even better, create another EFT time at the end of the day, and you’ll start sleeping better too. Because you’ll have dissolved the tensions and troubles of the day.

You'll find yourself operating with greater clarity, greater wisdom, and greater personal freedom ...

Sounds too good to be true?


The best thing is to try it and see.

Tomorrow morning, set the alarm ten minutes earlier, and when you wake, simply notice what thoughts float into your head.

Then ask yourself whether there’s a negative emotional charge attached to them.

Worried about a work meeting?

Concerned about a personal health issue?

Troubled by a certain relationship?

Fed up with yourself … your weight … your looks …. your finances …

… we all have issues … some are buried …but with a little practice you’ll be able to dig them out!

And what feelings do you associate with your issues?

Fear?    Anger?    Stress?   Anxiety?    Resentment?   Sadness?  

Whatever the issue, you can Tap away the negative feelings associated with it, and you’ll be able to think more clearly, bring more wisdom to any decisions you might need to make and find greater clarity regarding any actions you might need to take.

Creating new habits...

It can be a little difficult to create a new habit, because we’re very attached to our habits, even when they’re harming us in some way. But all you need is a little patience and some curiosity.  Let your practice evolve rather than pushing it too hard. If you push too hard you’re more likely to give up.  If you give yourself some time it will feel easy to stay with it.

(If you’re new to EFT / Emotional Freedom Techniques / Tapping, then you’ll find links below to get you started).

Don't think too hard!

So when you begin your morning routine EFT practice, get into the habit of observing what comes up.  As if from a distance.   That way, you won’t get instantly tangled in the thoughts and the accompanying emotional charge.


Focus on a specific episode (see links below for more info. on episodes), and name the negative emotion that you associate with the episode, and give it a SUDS number of intensity. And then just Tap! 

As you clear one issue another might appear.


Let your mini-morning- EFT-session run for an allotted time ~ ten minutes would be great.  Five may turn out to be enough. 

Then move on with your day.  Sometimes you know it’s unfinished, but that’s fine. You’ll find another moment to finish off if you need to.

And it will quickly become second nature.

As will the lightness and freshness of your mind; as you find yourself approaching your day with less and less stress, and more and more clarity ~ mind and body.

The challenges won’t stop coming, but your resourcefulness and general ability to face them with ease and confidence will.

So don't delay!
Start your EFT practice today!
Feel better ~ Live Better!

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