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Feeling bullied, controlled and manipulated? Heal with EFT.

Feeling bullied, controlled and manipulated? Heal with EFT.

Part 1 - Reclaim your Power
Part 2 - Release Resentment
Part 3 - Find Freedom and Peace

Heal with EFT

If you’ve been bullied and controlled in your early life, and quite possibly find yourself the target of bullies in your adult life, then EFT can help you heal.

There are three post links above, which outline the possible issues you face, and how EFT can help you on the road to recovery and healing.

It is a simple truth that the only change we can initiate, is to ourselves.

Much as we would like to change the bullies behaviour, we can only change our responses to them.

Bullies can and will exert power over us whether they are in our past and/or in our present.

However, when we change our responses to their cruel behaviours, everything does in fact change.  And this will apply to both past and present.  When we were bullied as a child, the negative thought and belief patterns that were created in us then, remain with us into adulthood.

We can move beyond their power and control by reclaiming our own power, releasing resentment and other negative emotions, and finding peace and eventually forgiveness.

EFT helps.

Heal with EFT.

heal with eft

If you know someone who would find this information helpful … then please share.  You can make a real difference to someone’s life.

Thanks for doing that x

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