a collage of images of landscape mountains sea and sky ~ with wording gratitude is being thankful for all that is

Practice Gratitude ~ Make it your Default Position ~

Practice Gratitude ~ Make it Your Default Position ...

….and watch your life transform for the better.

a collage of images of mountain landscapes and sea and sky. Wording~ gratitude is being thankful for all that you are all that is and all that is becoming

A Sense of Wonder

When I think about creating a feeling of gratitude in my life I just want to stream words …

 … so here goes …

~ magnificence ~ all that is ~ curiosity ~ and all that brings ~ happiness ~ and all that offers ~

~ the small things ~ sometimes minute ~ sometimes hard to find ~

the hidden things ~ so often forgotten ~

~ the ordinary things ~ so often taken for granted ~

~ the unexpected things ~

~ love ~  life ~
~poetry ~ art ~ music ~ a world of possibilities ~
~dreams ~ hopes ~ desires ~ love ~ kindness ~ humanity ~ universe ~ planet ~all beings ~
the purring of a cat ~ tea and toast ~
~autumn colour ~ spring energy ~ summer sunshine ~ winter frosts ~ misty mornings ~

~ moonlit nights ~



How delighted I am when the printer works ~

How thankful I am for hot showers ~ fresh fruit ~ bananas ~ daffodils ~

Black coffee ~ Paris ~ trains ~ seaside ~

Shakespeare ~ jazz ~ dancing ~


The morning I wake up and the sun is shining … and when I open the window a cool gentle breeze whispers across my skin and bird song heralds the beauty of the day.

I am transfixed.

A text from a friend.  I smile.

A glass of orange juice.  I feel energised.

The prospect of a walk in the spring sunshine.  I am delighted.


When you're really not in the mood ....

OK.  I know.  Sometimes … maybe often …. having someone tell you to get thankful … be grateful … find the positive ….. is enough to make you want to ….

 ………………… be difficult? 

I mean … who do they think they are … they don’t know … they have NO IDEA HOW HARD life is.  No idea at all.  In fact they are just plain … well … annoying …

I’m just glad there’s chocolate …….

Even on dark days, or during difficult chapters of our lives ... it is possible ... not easy .... but possible .... to connect with a feeling of gratitude ...

For something … however small.  Focus on it.  However briefly.  And let your mind generate a moment’s warmth.  A moment’s thankfulness.

However bleak the rest of it is, finding a moment of gratitude can help us forward and into hope and faith.

image of collage pieces with a cat
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a collage of images depicting kindness: litten sleeping in a bowl, hands holding a tiny mouse, a sleeping dog and a heart biscuit cookie : wording: A random act of kindness, however small, can have a tremendous impact on someone else's life : Roy T Bennett.
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candle in the dark-trauma
Sometimes, our lives have been scarred by traumatic episodes in the past. Rather than soldiering on, the bravest thing to do can be to ask for help when we need it.

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