a collage of images depicting abundance- fun snow christmas toboggan

Abundance Vision Board No.1

Abundance Vision Board No. 1

Collage of images and words depicting abundance. Including snow, christmas lights, hot chocolate, marshmallows, pancakes.

Where in the world did this one come from?

I had such fun with this! It came out of nowhere really … and it started (believe it or not) with the red tram. 

Abundance was the theme rolling around in my head ~ (heaven knows we all need a sense of it in our lives) ~ and I had the idea of a train of abundance.  A train that everyone could climb on board. 

I browsed train images and when I saw the tram in the snow, my imagination just took off!  The tram looked so safe and cosy, and I thought how lovely it would be to be riding that bright red tram through the snow!

Then I remembered how, as a child, when the snow came it was completely wonderful.  The sky would be full, big fat flakes falling and falling   until the gardens and the parks were all blanketed in white.  And there was a beautiful hush that descended.

And as I looked at the red tram, I remembered the sudden feeling of abundance that I had as a child playing in the snow!

Not a care in the world! 

Wrapped up warm, everyone smiling … and the feeling that somehow, all the troubles simply vanished in the snow. 

So as I did this collage and found myself browsing for sweet treat images of marshmallow and whipped cream hot chocolate and piles of muffins drizzled in maple syrup … well it all just fell into place somehow.  Fun … playfulness …. safety …. sweetness and goodness …. freedom … sheer joy!  Abundance!

With the added touch of a few twinkling Christmas lights…. 😉

To be honest, my childhood was not particularly full of abundance nor delight … (nor marshmallows!) … which is perhaps why this collage feels so important to me.

Evoking a  feeling of high spirits, and comfort and that all is well in the world. (After all).

That the world does provide!

And that there is abundance everywhere.  All we need is to find ways of allowing it in.

(P.S. If this image stirs up sadness in you, as it does in me ... there's a simple EFT/Tapping script below to Tap it all away!)

How to create a vision board like this

I did create this board digitally, but there’s nothing here that couldn’t be replicated in your scrapbook.  No fancy techniques …  just some well chosen images … a few words and phrases  …. ‘not a care in the world’ … for example … and for the hearts and stars you can use glitter stickers … and for the border you can use pretty tape or even ribbon.

Create a board which makes you smile.  Like you can’t help yourself! 🙂

EFT and Vision Boards

As I’ve mentioned before, vision boards are always there to make  inspiring affirmations, statements of positive intent, and expressions of hopes and dreams.

For this very reason, as we make them, and later contemplate them, they often bring up negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs in our minds. It’s as though they have a sting in the tail.  For me this board is full of sheer exuberance, but there are underlying emotions for me that tell a different story.

When you make a vision board, or look at one of the examples here on the website, and you feel the stirrings of negativity, little voices in the background telling you negative things …. listen to the voice, and take note.  Because they have something important that they’re trying to communicate to you.

Our natural instinct is to ignore these bad feelings and concentrate on the good that we’ve created as much as we can, but right now I’m asking you to do the exact opposite.

Listen to them, because it’s those little voices that are holding you back, keeping you from fulfilling your dreams and living your happiest life.

What you can do instead of ignoring the internal negative chatter, is use EFT to Tap it all away.

What is EFT ~ EFT South UK Beginners' Guide Logo
If you've never come across EFT before, then click here for EFT South UK Beginners' Guide, check it out, learn the points and how to Tap on them, and then come on back to try it out right here! ​

How to try EFT using a vision board ~
Basic instructions follow below ~
Advanced techniques will come with time and practice _

Collage of images and words depicting abundance. Including snow, christmas lights, hot chocolate, marshmallows, pancakes.
EFT Beginners' Guide ~ Tapping Points Diagram

Try it and see!

Begin by looking at a Vision Board. Maybe this one, or another, or one you’ve created for yourself.  Feel the joy of it, the positive expression it holds for you, and then allow any negative feelings that may be creeping in to come into focus.

For me, this Abundance Board makes me feel joyful ……  and then sad, because as I let my feelings go deeper, I remember that my childhood was far from happy. As a child, I often felt weighed down by anxiety and fear. Now, in advanced EFT, there would be all sorts of techniques to explore this sadness, and the episodes and events in my childhood that caused it.

We’re going to start in a simple way, that lays the foundations for further EFT practice.

First of all, give the negative emotion you’re experiencing a name ……….. and a number that reflects the intensity of the emotion, on a scale of 0-10, where 0 is no intensity, and 10 is overwhelming intensity.  This is called the SUDS scale.

(click on Beginners’ Guide link above for more detail)

And now:

Tap on the side of your hand (see pic. above).

And say out loud:

Even though this image makes me feel this emotional pain (you can name the feeling here sadness/anger/ anxiety/….).

I choose to love and accept myself, deeply and completely.

Continue Tapping the SOH point.

And repeat:

This image makes me feel so ………. This image makes me feel so very ……….

Continue by Tapping the eyebrow point, and then each point in turn, as explained in the beginners’ guide.

At the same time, say out loud:  This (emotional pain) : …………

Side of the eye:   This terrible emotional pain ………..

(name the feeling each time)

Under the eye:  This ………………

Under the nose : This …………………

Chin:  This ………………………

Under the arm :  All this ………………….

Top of the head:  This …………………..

Repeat the round from the eyebrow point through to the top of the head a second time.

Take a deep breath.

Check in with yourself.  Refocus on the emotional pain.

Has it gone down in number on the SUDS scale? Has the sadness gone?  Has it reduced in intensity?

If not, repeat the round.  If it ‘doesn’t work’ it’s not because it doesn’t work, but because the emotion is more complex, and will need a little more attention. You may need to go deeper.

This simple technique can often produce significant changes for the better, sometimes surprisingly quickly.
You can go on Tapping in the same way, on different negative feelings that come up, until the vision board inspires nothing but joy and a sense of real abundance in you.

image of collage pieces with a cat
For more info. and tips about creating vision boards click here.

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