collage of travel images with wording: romance, belonging, splendour

Travelogue No.1 in a Series of Vision Boards ~ For the Free Spirit in you!

Travelogue No.1 in a Series of Vision Boards

Well it goes without saying that the possibilities of travel and adventure vision boards are infinite.

There’s also endless room for personalisation.

It’s easy to browse through millions of images online …. as well as all the travel brochures and magazines that you can pick up for free in travel agents  …. and maybe you have photos and mementoes of places you’ve visited and wonders that you’ve seen, which you want to include in your boards.

A collage of images related to travel and beautiful places on the planet with wording: adventure freedom romance

Creating Travel Vision Boards

This particular vision board was created digitally.  I used Pexels to gather my ‘free to download’ images and Adobe Photoshop to put them together.  I used three simple photoshop techniques : resizing, layering and opacity /transparency levels.

And of course text overlay.

I started with the image of the earth, which provides the backdrop. 

I loved the image of the globe in the lower right hand corner that glows like the sun.

All the other images I just found attractive for one reason or another.  And there are hundreds more waiting to be found!

And by the time I was done, I felt my traveling spirit rise in me like magic!


The world is stunningly beautiful ...

How often do we forget that?

Even just creating a vision board like this one reminds me how utterly extraordinary this planet is!

Which in turn leads me to remember how lucky I am to be alive.

Something we all forget from time to time, I think?

There are so many reasons to create a travelogue of vision boards, and all are uniquely personal, so I’m just throwing a few general ideas in the form of seeds of questions out there …   to get us all focusing …

And everyone of us is going to have different answers … so the rest is up to you!….


Where would you like to go?

What's your budget?

If you could only go to one place, where would it be?

Would you like company?
... Or are you a solo traveler?

How would you like to travel?

And why ... ?

There so are many reasons to travel....

And it’s for us to decide on the best ones. I think there’s little doubt that travel can become an empty experience on some levels.  Particularly if we lose sight of a sense of wonder and a feeling of openness to the magnificence of this world! 

So there are a myriad of ways in which vision boards can help, by bringing us in to focus,allowing us to understand what really matters and igniting our inspiration!

And if this process seems difficult …. then it could be that you have self-inhibiting beliefs that are holding you back?

Travelling and EFT

Sometimes we have negative emotions about travel.

The prospect of travel can stir up many memories that have negative connotations.

And wouldn’t it be great to get past all that negativity? 

To discover our curiosity and our sense of awe?  Before it’s too late?

If you have a desire to explore the world,  but something is holding you back, then EFT can help.

There are no rules about how we choose to travel. Everyone is different ... everyone has different desires and dreams ... and it's up to each one of us to follow our own heart.

In each one of us there's a free spirit ... trying to get out ... and actually travel is simply a metaphor for life itself ... we're all on a journey ... and as someone once said (and no one is sure who) ...

Life is a journey, Not a Destination.

So Enjoy Every minute!
Make your Vision Boards work for you!
Get inspired ... get creative ... and get moving!

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