An image of the sun setting across the sea with the words magic in the air

Magic in the Air Vision Board

Vision Board ~ Magic in the Air (sometimes you just know)

Vison Board : Sunset ~ a jar of fairy lights words ~ sometimes you just know there's magic in the air

The very first time I saw this image of a jar of twinkling lights lying on the shining beach as the sun rises (or sets?) I fell in love with it.  I loved the colours, and the quirky idea that appears to defy explanation!

I couldn’t believe it was free to use! 

I tried it in several vision board collages, before I realised it needed to stand alone.

All I did was add the moon … and the stars  … and the music … as well a scattering of hearts, leaves and flowers.

I ghosted in the frozen leaf and I added the wording …


sometimes you just know that there's magic in the air ...

Finally I added the textured frame …

And that was it!

Sometimes less is more?

For me this vision board is about a certain sense of intangibility  …  that we can have sometimes …

It’s like a tingle … an aura … and whatever it is seems ungraspable but we know it’s there.

But because it seems out of reach, beyond our immediate senses,  it becomes all to easy to doubt it … and to doubt yourself.

And then to ignore it?


So for me this image is a reminder that there is magic in the air sometimes, and when you feel it …. it’s OK to trust it and to wait for it and let it come ….. and to be guided by it.


EFT and Vision Boards ... how they can work together..

Sometimes, positive and life-affirming images can stir up negative feelings in us. We're just programed that way!
It could be as simple as 'I never get magic in my life 🙁 .... I wish I did.'
If this image brings up any negative emotions for you, and you'd like to try using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to Tap them away, here's how....

But first, if you've never come across EFT before, here's a link to EFT South UK Beginners' Guide:
Take a look and then come back!

It’s simple enough: aquaint yourself with the acu-points and the idea of a set-up statement and a reminder phrase.

And away we go!

What is the negative feeling that this image stirs in you?

Could it be sadness? 

Could it even be fear? 

Don’t think too hard.   Just feel the feeling.  Give it a number between 0 -10, where 0 is no emotional intensity, and 10 is overwhelming emotional intensity.

The Set-Up Statement ~

And then:

Tapping on the side of your hand (SOH):

Just say, even though this image makes me feel  __________ ( sad …. fearful … ?)

I love and accept myself.

Repeat this 3 times, Tapping all the while on the side of your hand.

Then continue with a round of Tapping:

The Reminder Phrase ~

Tap first on the eyebrow point and say:

This _______________ (Sadness?  Fear?)

Side of the eye (SOE) : This _____________

Under the eye (UE) : This _______________

Under the nose (UN)  This ______________

Chin Point (CP)  THis  __________________

Collar Bone (CB)  This _________________

Under the arm (UA)  This _______________

Top of the head (ToH)  This _____________

Take a deep breath and see how you feel. 

Test the feeling again on the 0-10 scale.  Has the feeling lifted?  Has another feeling come up in your mind?

Repeat rounds of Tapping  ~ both on the same original feeling, and then on any other negative feelings that come up …


Until you can look at this image and feel positive and full of confidence about what it signifies for you.

Thank you for your curiosity and willingness to give it a try! 

If EFT/Tapping seems too good to be true or just too easy, try it and see. At some point, when you Tap on some negative emotion you are experiencing from an episode in your past you will have a sudden and significant change for the better. Because EFT works, with a little practice and understanding.

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