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EFT for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

EFT for weight loss and healthy eating

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Discover how deep our emotional relationship with food goes… and how EFT enables us to connect with our emotional well-being and rebuild a fantastic relationship with food … while enjoying every mouthful!


eat to live x

There are extraordinary proven results available now regarding how good EFT is at addressing issues such as losing weight, making healthy eating choices, and creating more personal vitality and energy in our lives.
Simply by addressing our long-term emotional relationship with food, where negative and mistaken beliefs drive our daily habits.

When we stop and think about it, it’s obvious really. 

From the very day we’re born, we instantly connect food with love, warmth and comfort. And our emotional connection with food is re-confirmed every day, several times a day.  Whenever we get hungry!

And then of course food is also vital to our survival and our growth as human beings.

Also, as we grow up, food becomes a realm in which we begin to make choices and discover preferences. What we like and what we don’t like.  It’s an area of our life in which we can exercise real control. 

Moreover, we use food as a means of reward, or comfort. We learnt this early on. We got given biscuits and cake when we were ‘good’ or when we’d hurt ourselves, or when we’d done well in something.  A bag of sweets was a special treat!

All this was usually given us by people who loved us, and wanted to show us that they did!

These associations between certain foods, and love and comfort are repeated over and over, sometimes every day until the connection becomes firmly embedded.

Once we’re out in the big wide world, with our firm habits in place, when we feel needy for love, affection, or comfort, or reward, we turn to all these foods that we associate with those emotions.

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So is it any wonder that our relationship with food is deeply complex. 

And that when it gets messed up, which is often, it can get very messed up.


but it doesn’t have to

be like that …

The signals get confused. We eat the wrong things, we get cravings, we even get addictions. We no longer recognise what food our body really wants.

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EFT will get you back on the right path...

Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT looks at the intense emotions and negative beliefs that underlie and drive our eating habits, and one by one, clears them away.  Whatever they may be.

There may be feelings of emptiness, of neediness, of unworthiness.  It might come down to  a profound lack of confidence or self-esteem.  So many possibilities.

These emotional issues may be buried, deeply hidden, but they are there.  They operate like a computer program humming gently and constantly in the background.  Most of the time they don’t figure in our awareness.

These deep-seated feelings and beliefs are nevertheless very active. 

So when we try to diet, or change our eating habits, they will try to stop these changes at all costs. Because they ‘think’ they’re keeping you safe, and comfortable and nourished.

And in a way, this is true …… because however unhealthy our eating habits are, the food that we eat has been imbued with love and comfort and reward for most, if not all of our lives.

And who would want to be deprived of feelings of love and comfort?

So the driving force behind all of this is not about the food, it’s about emotional well-being. It’s about feeling loved and cared for. And if we deprive ourselves of love and comfort, by not eating all those foods we associate with love and comfort, than life truly becomes miserable.

Which is why diets often don't work...

If we really want to address our poor eating habits the best thing we can do is turn to the emotional neediness that is motivating them.
When we clear the hidden emotional disturbances that accompany our unwanted eating habits, two things happen:
1) We learn to love ourselves, and we start to gather emotional sustenance from all the right places: (people, community, a sense of belonging, activities that we enjoy and make us feel good…etc…)
2) Nourishing ourselves well becomes easy! .  We choose the food that gives us health and vitality without even noticing!   And when we do have a treat, we enjoy every mouthful!

If we let EFT guide us then our unhealthy eating habits will gradually change for the better. No diets, no judgement, no scales no mirrors.   Just an increasing sense of well-being on every level: physical and emotional.

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