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The Personal Peace Procedure

The Personal Peace Procedure

The Personal Peace Procedure is a simple method introduced and developed by Gary Craig, the Founder of EFT.

Step 1: The first thing you need is a notebook and a pen.  Or a journal app.

Step 2: Familiarise yourself with the basic EFT/Tapping Process : where the points are, what order to Tap and how to generate a simple phrase to speak out loud.

Step 3: (optional) Divide the notebook into years, or decades, allowing at least a few pages for each time period. You might make connections between episodes that all happened at a particular time.

Step 4: Make time for yourself to work with your Peace Procedure, when you can be relatively free from distractions.  At least twenty minutes, and at least once a week, depending on your schedule.  Being consistent is a good idea, so that it becomes part of your routine.  Once a week is fine.  Once a day is fine.  Find your space.

A Key Component of EFT is the use of Episodes..

Events in your life that have retained a negative emotional charge … sometimes for years.  Click below to read more about how episodes are used in EFT, and how they are an essential part of your Personal Peace Procedure.

Step 5:  Jot down episodes that still have an emotional charge for you, as they come to mind.  No need to write an essay, just a few words that have meaning and resonance for you. This is your personal process and the words or phrases that you use are your own personal descriptions.  Write down the emotion that is still locked in to the memory of the episode.  Scale the intensity of the emotion on the SUDS scale (where Zero is no emotion and Ten is at its most intense).

Step 5A: Leave enough space below your jottings to add notes as necessary.  It’s really good to keep quick notes of each session, often one or two words is enough, either during or at the end of each session.  That way you can see your progress, make new connections and observe how everything unfolds. You  are likely to find that key core issues have patterns that pop up throughout your life. They are likely to bounce back into childhood.

Step 6:  When you’ve noted down some episodes : Start Tapping.  Tap on one episode at a time. Some episodes will take longer than others.  Follow your intuition.  As you clear issues, tick them off in your Personal Peace Procedure notes.

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Be Aware of the Following ...

  • If you are very new to Tapping then be patient with yourself.  Discovering your core issues and successfully working through them will not happen in an instant.
  •  Very, very occasionally, you may have what is called an abreaction.  Something you may or may not have known was there becomes overwhelming.  You suddenly feel very distressed. 
  • In this situation, trust yourself and trust EFT.  Keep Tapping. No need to speak.  Just Tap.  Your emotions will calm down.  Your body/mind wants to heal.  (See notes on traumatic experiences below).
  •  As you get deeper into the process, more and more episodes will come to mind. 
    You may consider some of them to be of little consequence.  Write them down anyway.  You may be surprised.
  • As you begin Tapping on one issue, others may well come to mind.  It will be tempting to shoot off at a tangent and address them. 
  • Preferably, remain organised.  Work through each issue thoroughly rather than ending up in a chaotic muddle.
  • As you practice your intuition will flow more easily.
  •  When Tapping on a certain issue you may find that it becomes more complex.  For example, you Tap on the surge of fear in a given moment ….. the fear subsides and suddenly anger emerges.  Different aspects and layers of particular episodes are not uncommon. 
  • Tap through each aspect in turn until you can recall the memory of the episode without any emotional charge.  As though it was a movie.  Something separate….distant. 
  •  Each time you clear an episode in this way you will feel at peace with it.

It will be done.  Over.  You will be free of it.

  • Many people who do the Personal Peace Procedure in a consistent way, will notice that a domino effect occurs.  Similar types of episode are likely to emerge repeatedly throughout our lives. 
  • Once you’ve Tapped several of them away then the rest begin to lose their power, and they just fade away.
  • Be patient.  The process is not linear.
    Some sessions will reveal more than others, and there will be days when you don’t feel like you’ve made any progress at all.

There will tens...hundreds of episodes woven into your life experience. Completing your Personal Peace Procedure may take a year ... or longer ... but don't forget ... you're worth it ...

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Trauma and Your Personal Peace Procedure

If you know you have traumatic episodes in your past then please find a professional EFT practitioner who will guide you through them.

If something comes up that may have been hidden or buried (which can be the case with traumatic episodes), and you feel overwhelmed by it, keep Tapping.  Stop talking, but keep Tapping.  Tap the 8-point round as many times as you need.  And breathe.  Concentrate on your breathing.  If you want to use a script in this situation of overwhelm, here it is:

  • Set-up Statement:  (SOH) : Even though I feel this overwhelm, I love and accept myself.
    Or:  Even though I feel this overwhelm, I’m still OK.   
  • Repeat the Set-Up statement three times.
  • Then:

EB: This overwhelm
SoE: This overwhelm
UE: This overwhelm
UN: This overwhelm
Ch: This overwhelm
CB: This overwhelm
UA:  This overwhelm
ToH : This overwhelm.  And I choose to be OK.

  •  Repeat the round as many times as necessary.
  •  If episodes that create overwhelm for you show up, then Tap them down and then seek professional guidance to help you clear them from your system.
  • Be kind to yourself.
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Click here to read more about how EFT can guide you through Traumatic Events in your Life

On Being Patient ...

When I became quite involved with my own Personal Peace Procedure, I would often end a session with this round. This can be particularly useful if you have to stop because you need to get on with something else, or if you’re feeling disappointed in your progress sometimes. 

As you can see, I introduce an extra phrase: ending on a positive note.

Set-Up Statement:
Side of the Hand (SOH) : Even though I know I still have many episodes to work on, I love and accept myself. (3 times).

EB:  All this work to do.
SoE: So many emotions in my system.
UE:  All this work on myself.
UN:  All this work.
Ch:  All this work.
CB: All this work.
UA:  All this work.
ToH : I choose to be patient and kind to myself.

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No one is more worthy of your kindness and Compassion

than you are.

  Thich  Nhat Hanh

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